Image Bank Organization

Case Study

Our client is a company that develops products for Fitness and other sports, produces and imports these products to distribute in the country.

The problem

The customer has a very large amount of products and each product has different images: different views of the product, packaging and examples of use.

Keeping this image bank up to date, managing access and distributing these images became a lot of hard work.

Several images needed treatment before they could be used.

The solution

  • We rearranged all the images creating a naming code.
  • We processed all the images including the trimming of white backgrounds, delivering several images with transparency.
  • We exported all images in various sizes and formats, including formats with transparency and versions in size 1200 x 1200 px for direct use in customer e-commerce.
  • We load all images in the “BrandGuide+ Images” organizing by types and products.
  • End users when they need product images no longer need to order, they can access the platform and download the images.

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